Technical Specifications

ORDER NO 80 06
Number of Stations 1
Wheel Diameter, mm 250
Wheel Speed, rpm 2800
Motor Power, kW 1,1
Dust exauster Yes
Paper Adjustment Vacuum
Dimensions, WxDxH, (cm) 35 x 45 x 33
Weight, kgs 40

Spectroscopic Table-top Surface Grinder

SPECTRAL 250 is a table-top portable surface grinder for thepreparation of steel samples for spectroscopy.
Its compact design with vibration free operation makes it a practical instrument to work with. Low noise and dust generation levels as well as standard outlet for dust exhauster are additional advantages. 250 mm grinding disc is dynamically balanced for smooth running.

Grinding paper is sucked to the grinding disc which does not require any glue. Papers with 40-120 grit can be used to obtain the desired surface quality. The grinding disc is covered halfway by a lid, allowing grinding only in a segment. A safety switch guarantees automatic switch off when the lid is opened.


Sample Holders for SPECTRAL 250/350

  • GR 1804 Sample Holder for round specimens, Magnetic type.
  • GR 1805 Sample Holder for round specimens, Mechanical type.

Paper Grinding Discs for SPECTRAL 250 (20 Pcs. Per Pack)