Technical Specifications

ORDER NO 25 06
Vacuum Sytem 0,65 bar
Air Pressure 4,5 – 6 bar
Dimensions, WxDxH, (cm) 30 x 31 x 35
Weight, kgs 8


Cold Mounting Accessories

  • 29-551 Spatulas, (100 pcs)
  • 29-552 Mixing Beakers, (10 pcs)
  • 29-553 Embedding Form, ø 25 mm (5 pcs)
  • 29-554 Embedding Form, ø 30 mm (5 pcs)
  • 29-555 Embedding Form, ø 40 mm (5 pcs)
  • 29-556 Embedding Form, ø 50 mm (5 pcs)
  • 29-601 Stainless steel clips (100 pcs)
  • 29-602 Plastic clips (100 pcs)
  • 29-603 Plastic multi-clips for 6 specimens (50 pcs)

Cold Mounting Resins

Metallographic ProSelf-Contained Vacuum Impregnation Unitgrammable Automatic Mounting Press with dual cylinders

VACUMET 52 is designed for embedding and impregnation of porous materials. It removes the trapped air from the mounting material and eliminates the gaps between the specimen and the resin.
Most mineralogical specimens have porosities, cavities and cracks and therefore need to be under vacuum. VACUMET 52 fulfills this requirement easily and efficiently. In addition, VACUMET 52 can also be used for glueing the specimens on the glass slides for further processing in thin section preparation.

Only air connection is necessary to operate VACUMET 52. No electric or water connection is needed.

Embedding mineralogical specimens is very easy with VACUMET 52. Just place your specimen inside the embedding form, fill it with cold mounting resin, place it inside the VACUMET 52, close cover and turn on vacuum. That’s all!

Two different operation is possible with VACUMET 52; embedding with sucking function or without sucking function. It is also possible to mount specimens with VACUMET 52, If the specimen has very low density and floating inside the resin material. VACUMET 52 has feature for fixing low density materials.

• Compact and simple
• Built-in vacuum sytem with Gauge
• Efficient impregnation
• Multi-specimen application.