PST 902


Optional Accessories for PST 902

  • 62 71 Eyepiece (pair) WF15x/15mm
  • 62 72 Eyepiece (pair) WF20x/12mm
  • 62 73 Micrometric eyepiece WF10x/22mm
  • 61 71 Objective 0,3x(w.d. 280mm)
  • 61 72 Objective 0,5x(w.d. 118mm)
  • 61 73 Objective 2x(w.d. 32,5mm)
  • 60 74 Photo adapter for IMAGINE HARDWARE SET
  • 60 69 Special protective glass, PST 902
  • 60 66 Cleaning kit

Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

PST 902 is advanced CMO Stereozoom microscope. CMO (Common Main Objective) stereo microscopes have the ability to collect more light than the Greenough design and feature greater optical aberration correction.
The Greenough design, introduced in the early twentieth century, consists of two identical, symmetrical optical systems each containing a separate eyepiece and objective, arranged in careful alignment with a single housing. The two optical paths are arranged at a precise angle, due to which they converge to the point that determines the working distance and thus the focal length. This design allows high numerical apertures because the objectives are very similar to those used in compound microscopes. The lower section of the microscope contains the objectives, while the upper end of the body tubes projects an image to the eyes.

CMO stereo microscopes, unlike Greenough stereo microscopes, are by definition instruments whose optics are infinity corrected. This allows you to easily introduce accessories such as beam splitters or aperture diaphragms thanks to which you can get a greater depth of field.