PST 901-S


Optional Accessories for PST 901-S

  • 62 75 Eyepiece (pair) WF15x/16 mm, with dioptric adjustment & rubber cup
  • 62 76 Eyepiece (pair) WF20x/12 mm, with dioptric adjustment & rubber cup
  • 62 77 Micrometric eyepiece WF10x/22 mm, with dioptric adjustment & rubber cup
  • 61 74 Additional Lens 0,3x
  • 61 75 Additional Lens 0,5x
  • 61 76 Additional Lens 2x
  • 60 74 Photo adapter for IMAGINE HARDWARE SET, 0.5x focusable
  • 60 70 Special protective glass, PST 901-S
  • 60 66 Cleaning kit

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

PST 901-S is Greenough type Stereozoom microscope. The V-shape optical path of Greenough allows us to design a very compact and a slim unit, highly versatile and appreciated for the 3D viewing.
PST 901-S has Trinocular head which is 45° inclined to ensure comfortable posture to the user even after several hours of operation. Samples with significant depth can be quickly inspected.

PST 901-S has 0.67x-4.5x zoom range and 6.72:1 zoom ratio, being purposely designed for routine and advanced inspections. This zoom ratio enables most samples to be observed at the appropriate magnifications. When combined with proper accessories (2x additional lens and 20x eyepieces), PST 901-S delivers excellent image quality up to 180x