Image Analysis

IMAGIN MESURA 200 allows you to view the live microscope image, compare it with stored images and if necessary save it to the system. Several databases can be created according to the customers, projects, materials or specimens.
IMAGIN MESURA 200 has several measurement tools for performing manual measurements of lines, curves, angles, areas etc. after which they can be saved and archived. Many application areas exist like “Weld Assessments, Macro analysis, PCB component measurements etc. With ‘Annotation’ facility, it is possible to add comments, graphics, arrows etc. directly on the image allowing you to label specific areas of interest.

IMAGIN MESURA 200 allows you to design your own template or select one of METKON’s standard templates for “Report Generation” where the text and images are automatically placed. When required, it is also possible to transfer data directly to Excel for further processing.