Technical Specifications

Order No 16 07
Model MICRACUT 200-S
Cut-off Wheel Diameter, (mm) up to Ø200 mm
Cutting Capacity, Ø (mm) Ø75 mm
Sample Movement in Z-Axis Motorized
Sample Movement in X-Axis Manual
X-Axis Positioning Range, (mm) 0-50 mm
X-Axis Positioning Accuracy, (μm) 5 μm
Cutting Feed Speed, (μm/s) 5 – 10000 μm/s
Cutting Motor Power, (kW) (S1) 0.55 kW
Disc Speed, (RPM) 100 – 5000 RPM
Control Panel 7″ HMI Touch Screen
Program Capacity 99 Program Memory
Cutting Modes Automatic Cutting in Z-Axis
Manual Cutting in Z-Axis
Manual Table-Feed Cutting in Y-Axis
Pulse Cutting Yes (Rapid Pulse Cutting)
Automatic Feedrate Yes (Instafeed Cutting)
Multi-Section Cutting Yes (Hybrid Cutting)
Parallel Cutting, X-Axis Yes (Semi-Automatic)
Precise Grinding Feature Yes (Manual/Semi-Automatic)
Grinding Wheel Diameter, (mm) Ø175 mm
Grinding Feed Speed, (μm/s) 500 – 50000 μm/s
Cooling Unit, (lt) 4.5 lt (integrated)
Illumination LED
Dressing During Cutting Operation Yes
Motor Drive System Direct Drive
Dimensions, WxDxH, (mm) 640 x 732 x 529h mm
Weight 90 kgs

Automatic High-Speed Precision Cutter

MICRACUT 200-S is a high-speed automatic precision cutting machine that used for precise and deformation-free cutting of “Metals, Ceramics, Electronic Components, Crystals, Composites, Biomaterials, Sintered Carbides, Minerals, etc.” MICRACUT 200-S has also grinding capability for applications that need extremely precise material removal. MICRACUT 200-S has its place in virtually any metallurgical, geological, electronics, research, biomedical or industrial laboratory. The applications are endless.
MICRACUT 200-S is capable of cutting most materials such as, brittle or ductile metals, hard or soft metals, composites, ceramics, rocks, biomaterials, laminates, electronic components, PCB boards, sheet metals etc. It is designed for cutting all types of materials with minimal structural deformation. The cut surface is ready for microscopic examination with minimal polishing. In addition, MICRACUT 200-S is able to make precise grinding with high accuracy.

MICRACUT 200-S has special design for universal use. Two different types of cutting tables can be mounted on the cutting chamber for different types of applications. The fixed cutting table attachment is used for cutting flat PCB boards or small geological samples by hand. The movable cutting table attachment is used for manual table feed cutting of PCB boards, sheet metals, small metallic or non-metallic samples.

• Universal use for very wide range of applications
• Suitable for both precise cutting and precise grinding
• Ability to cut PCBs and flat samples
• Programmable with colored HMI touch screen controls
• Motorized sample movement in Z-axis
• Precise X-axis positioning
• Inbuilt recirculation coolant tank


Cutting Tables for MICRACUT 200-S

  • GR 0215 Fixed Cutting Table Attachment
    for manual cutting of extra flat specimens and PCB ‘s on MICRACUT 200-S
    including angle cutting tool and parallel slicing tool. 288×460 mm table size,
    cutting capacity is up to 200x200x35 mm (WxDxH) for flat specimens.
  • GR 0216 Movable Cutting Table Attachment
    for manual cutting of extra flat specimens, sheet metals and PCB ‘s on MICRACUT 200-S
    including angle cutting tool, and parallel slicing tool.
    288×300 mm table size, 220 mm movement range in Y-axis.
    cutting capacity is up to 170x200x35 mm (WxDxH) for flat specimens.

Accessories for cutting tables

Parallel slicing tool for Movable/Fixed Cutting Table 0-25 mm range in X-axis

  • GR 0223 Vertical clamping fixture for Movable Cutting Table


Specimen Vises for MICRACUT 200-S

  • GR 0210 Universal Specimen Vise for MICRACUT 200-S/202
  • GR 0400 Universal Specimen Vise
  • GR 0401 Specimen vise with double parallel vice for long specimens.
  • GR 0402 Specimen vise for round and mounted specimens, ø32mm.
  • GR 0403 Specimen vise for irregular shaped specimens.
  • GR 0404 Specimen vise for adhering specimens.
  • GR 0405 Specimen vise for biomedical samples.
  • GR 0407 Mechanical glass slide holder
  • GR 0430 Specimen vise (teardrop shape) for specimens ø18-40mm.
  • GR 0431 Specimen vise (teardrop shape) for specimens ø5-20mm.
  • GR 0434 Specimen vise for round cylindrical specimens (max. up to 40 mm dia.)
  • GR 0416 Swivel arm unit for angular cutting, MICRACUT 200-S
  • GR 0453 Fastener vise for longitudinal sectioning of screws, fasteners
    tubes, etc. from 12 to 45 mm. in length

Optional Flange Sets for MICRACUT 200-S

  • GR 0410 Set of Flanges, ø75 mm, suitable for 12,7 and 25,4 mm arbor dias.
  • GR 0411 Set of Flanges, ø100 mm, suitable for 12,7 and 25,4 mm arbor dias.
  • GR 2220 Recommended Set of Spare Parts, MICRACUT 200-S