Technical Specifications

Order No 72 11
Model V1
Vickers HV as per ISO 6507, ASTM E384, E92 HV0,3 – HV0,5 – HV1 – HV2 – HV3 – HV5 – HV10 – HV20 – HV30
Knoop HK as per ISO 4545, ASTM E384, E92 HK0,3 – HK0,5 – HK1 – HK3
Hardness conversions to other scales As per ISO 18265
Test Loads (gf) 2,942N – 4,904N – 9,807N – 19,631N – 29,420N – 49,033N – 98,067 – 196,033N – 294,200N
Test Loads (N) 0,09807N – 0,2452N – 0,4904N – 0,9807N – 1,961N – 2,942N – 4,904N – 9,807N
Test Load Accuracy All loads within +/- 1,0%
As per ISO standard (and ASTM E-384, ASTM E-92-17, JIS B7725, JIS B7734)
Test Load Dwell Time from 5 – 99 sec with 1 sec increments
As per ISO standard (and ASTM E-384, JIS B7725, JIS B7734)
Test Load Application Speed For all loads not more than 0.200 mm/s
As per ISO standard (and ASTM E-384, JIS B7725, JIS B7734)
Load Force Application Motorized force application with closed loop load cell control, Automatic load, dwell, unload
Load Selection By Duroline Visio test settings
Turret Configuration Motorized 3-mount turret: 1 indenter, 2 objectives Position Auto-indication
Indenter Including 1 Vickers Diamond Indenter (ISO/DaKKs certified, Made in Germany)
Objectives Standard objectives 10X, 20X, optional 5X, 40X (Made in Germany)
Image capture by integrated CCD-camera (no eyepiece)
Sample Image Capture By Integrated CCD Camera, 5.0 MP, USB 3.0
(Made in Germany)
Indent Measurement Resolution 0,00002 mm (0,02 µm)
Illumination Source Built-in LED Light Source
Automatic Brightness Control Standard for highest contrast and sharpness
Z-axis (Spindle Vertical Movement) Manual
Auto-Focus AF Not Available
Motorized XY-Stage (for Fully Automatic Multiple Test & Measurements) Not Available
Travel Distance Not Available
Controller Built-in Windows operated mini-PC,
communicates the hardness tester electronics by CANBUS Protocol
Interface Network Interface network USB (x4), Displayport (x2), LAN (x1) and Wireless LAN
Auxilliary Optional Keyboard, Mouse (wireless)
Monitor External 22” Full HD Capacitive 10-point Multi-Touch Desktop Monitor, IPS Panel,
Antistatic Shield, Tiltable, Integrated Power Adaptor
Operating System Windows 10
User Interface Software METKON N-Sure
Test Settings Scale, Load Dwell Time , Start, Turret positioning, Hardness Conversion, Illumination, Screen preference settings, Alerts for errors
Measurement Settings Surface Image capture, Indentation capture, Manual measurement and Auto-measurement, Single indents, Manual pattern, Preset pattern, CHD, EHT, NHT, GO/NG judgement, Statistics, Conversion, Cilindrical correction, Language, Database, Test Reports with image analysis data, Data export, User management, Service and Calibration Settings
Operational Environmental Conditions Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 23°C +/- 5°C
Ambient Humidity Range: RH 40% to 70% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions, WxDxH 240x560x710 mm
Specimen Accommodation Vertical 310 mm, Horizontal (throat depth) 180mm
Weight 75 kgs
Mains 100-240 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz, autosetting

Vickers/Knoop Micro/Macro-Hardness Tester

DURALINE V1 with Test & Measurement software Windows 10 “N-Sure” including Auto-Measurement module
DUROLINE V Series are ideal instruments for quality assurance, quality control, research and metallurgical departments to monitor the hardness during fabrication and after heat treatment or welding as well as for the performance analysis on metal parts and new alloys. Typical applications are determining the Vickers macro-hardness of steel alloys and metal components, small precision parts, thin material or wire, coatings and performing case depth determinations (CHD, EHT, NHT) on cross sections.

Recently developed by an international multi-disciplinary team with a wide hardness testing experience, the DUROLINE V-Series are based on the latest technology available, focused on fast cycle time with high reproduceable accuracy within international standards. The system features a smart and very service-friendly synergy of a robust and proven mechanical construction with load cell force control and integrated electronics system control featured by a fast CANBUS technology and a high-quality Windows based mini-pc. Monitoring the hardness testing process significantly improved by using modern user interfacing technology such as 10-point multi-touch screen operation supported by a fast & secure display connection. Combined with top quality components and a high performance mini-pc, this system guarantees customers a solid and accurate performance over many years to come. In this way, the DUROLINE V Vickers hardness tester series offers a highly functional and reliable automated indentation test & measurement system.

Main system features
•Versatile Macro load range for HV/HK scales from 300gf up to 30kgf
•Closed-Loop Controlled load application by load cell technology
•Auto Measurement with Zoom Window for more accurate measurement
•Flexible Windows 10 based hardness test & measurement program METKON N-Sure
•Database generating test results and reports
•22” Full HD Capacitive 10-point Multi-Touch desktop monitor
•Integrated high-res camera 5.0 MP with USB3.0 intefrace with zoom capability
•Integrated LED light source with controller
•Integrated Windows operated mini-pc, Intel, SSD specs
•Interface network USB (x4), Displayport (x2), LAN (x1) and Wireless LAN
•Very robust opto-mechanical system
•New generation electronics and motors in full system integration ensuring reliable performance
•Service friendly, remote accessability
•Meets latest ISO, ASTM and JIS standards


Operational Accessories for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

Anvils and XY-Stages Hardness Testing

  • GR 2021 Flat anvil diameter 80mm
  • GR 2022 Flat Anvil with V-groove, diameter 80mm
  • GR 2023 Manual XY-stage 100x100mm, travel 25x25mm,
    with two analogue micrometers
  • GR 2024 Manual XY-stage 120x120mm, travel 25x25mm,
    with one digital Slyvac micrometer incl. cable and one analogue micrometer
    (To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)

Object Lenses for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

  • GR 2040 Optical Kit for 3rd Objective Mount (To be ordered simultaneously with the machine order)
  • GR 2041 Object lens 5x
  • GR 2042 Object lens 10x
  • GR 2043 Object lens 20x
  • GR 2044 Object lens 40x

Indenters for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

  • GR 2047 ISO/ASTM Certificated Vickers diamond indenter
  • GR 2048 ISO/ASTM Certificated Knoop diamond indenter

Specimen Holders for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

  • GR 2025 Precision vise (opening 43mm)
  • GR 2026 Thin specimen holder
  • GR 2027 Fine specimen holder (Horizontal type)
  • GR 2028 Fine specimen holder (Vertical type)
  • GR 2031 Specimen holder for Ø25 mm specimens
  • GR 2032 Specimen holder for Ø30 mm specimens
  • GR 2033 Specimen holder for Ø40 mm specimens
  • GR 2034 Specimen holder for Ø50 mm specimens
  • GR 2035 Multiple specimen holder for 6xØ25 mm specimens
  • GR 2036 Multiple specimen holder for 6xØ30 mm specimens
  • GR 2037 Multiple specimen holder for 6xØ40 mm specimens

Verification Tools for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

  • GR 2061 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 200HV0.3 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2062 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 450HV0.3 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2063 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 700HV0.3 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2064 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 200HV1 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2065 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 450HV1 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2066 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 700HV1 (30x30mm)
  • GR 2067 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 200HV5 (60x60mm)
  • GR 2068 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 450HV5 (60x60mm)
  • GR 2069 ISO Dakks Germany Certified standard block 700HV5 (60x60mm)
  • GR 2071 ISO Certificated calibration scale glass.
    *Other standard test blocks are on request

Software Modules for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

  • GR 2081 Software Module for CDH Testing (EHT)
    (Digital XY-Stage (GR2024) or Motorized stage is required)
    (To be ordered simultaneously with the machine order)