Technical Specifications

ORDER NO 90 02
Total Magnification 100-500x
Head Monocular
Eyepiece WF10X
LWD Plan Objective PLL 10X/0.25 WD:7.3 mm
(no cover glass) PLL 50X/0.65 WD:0.5 mm
Mechanical Tube Length 160mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, range:36mm
Light Source Coaxial illumination build-in LED rechargeable brightness adjustable
Packing Portable aluminium case


Accessories for MOBISCOPE

Portable Metallurgical Microscope

In-situ/Field metallography is widely used for microstructure analysis on large parts (samples) that cannot be easily carried or where destructive preparation is not permissible such as storage tanks, piping system, power plants, etc. In-situ Metallography allows for quick on-site evaluation of a component. There are numerous advantages in using in-situ/field metallography.
MOBISCOPE is ideal for examination of prepared surfaces on site. In case of detailed analysis in the laboratory, replica kit is recommended.

MOBISCOPE portable microscope provides up to 100x and 500x total magnification with 10x and 50x objectives which are supplied as standard. Optional 20x and 80x objectives are available. Rechargeable built in LED illumination with no need of electrical supply.

With the magnet stage, MOBISCOPE can be easily attached against the surface of any ferrous material at any angles on flat and curved surfaces.

Aluminum transport case with special foam inside customized for MOBISCOPE and the accessories for maximum protection during transportation.

• Portable and can be used on-site.
• Can be used to monitor quality of purchased components.
• Nondestructive with Replica techniques.
• Replicas are ideal for both flat and curved surfaces.
• Ability to evaluate microstructural changes in a component during its lifetime.
• Wide range of application area.