SERVOCUT 602-AX Multi-Target Automatic Cutting Machine


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SERVOCUT 602 Automatic Abrasive Cutter

4-Axis Multi-Target Automatic Cutting Machine

SERVOCUT 602-AX-R is designed for cutting complex shaped specimens in any angle without re-clamping.

• Equipped with 360° rotary table with servo motor drive
• Ability to cut specimens up to 20 different cutting lines in different angles
• Program memory for cutting lines and parameters for Multi-Target

SERVOCUT 602-AX-R combines the most advanced cutting techniques in the same machine. Equipped with the large automated rotary table that eliminates re-clamping, saves time and provides maximum automation. Servo motor driven rotary table allows very precise angle positioning. Save setup time by storing up to 20 cutting lines with different angles which can be recalled at any time for quick and easy loading. 

4-axis cutting is the fastest way to reduce setups, boost throughput, and increase accuracy on complex parts. The angle of rotary table can be adjusted with 0.1° accuracy. With combination of all 4-axis, the cutting can be done in any possible position without re-clamping. 

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